Race Central

Cemoro Lawang, Lava View Hotel

This is the RACE CENTRAL, START & FINISH location.
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  • The nearest international airport is Juanda International Airport, located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
    You're advised to pre-arrange / pre-hire transport from here to Race Central location in Cemoro Lawang (Lava View Hotel). Carpool is recommended.

Shuttle Bus & Accommodation Booking

We are glad to have secured the service of Bintang Jelajah and Sinai Adv to assist participants and supporters.

Bintang Jelajah and Sinai Adv is an established tour/travel agency and outdoor equipment services. They will handle and coordinate your local transportation and accommodation needs. Please refer to the information presented below for the general option. If you require special arrangement, you can contact them personally.

Note that due to large number of participants, accommodation options are quite limited, first come first serve.

Shuttle Bus

  • Trip will take about 3-4 hours one way
  • Vehicle model: ELF (Some seats will be reserved for the group luggages and bags)
  • Fee (One way, inclusive of snacks, toll and parking fee):
    By Bank Transfer: Rp. 140.000
    By Paypal:USD 12 (inclusive of paypal transaction fee)
  • Booking open until 14 October 2017
  • Click Here to Book
Shuttle Schedule: Surabaya - Bromo
Meeting PointDeparture Date/TimeDestination
Pasar Turi / Gubeng Station Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 14:15 WIB Bromo:
Race Central
Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 20:15 WIB
Friday, 3 Nov 2017 08:15 WIB
Friday, 3 Nov 2017 11:15 WIB
Juanda Airport Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 15:00 WIB
Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 21:00 WIB
Friday, 3 Nov 2017 09:00 WIB
Friday, 3 Nov 2017 12:00 WIB
Shuttle Return Schedule: Bromo - Surabaya
Meeting PointDeparture Date/TimeDestination
Race Central
Sunday, 5 Nov 2017 10:00 WIB Pasar Turi / Gubeng Station
Juanda Airport
Sunday, 5 Nov 2017 13:00 WIB
Monday , 6 Nov 2017 10:00 WIB


For Hotel and homestay booking, there are variety of options but note that accommodation is in high demand due to large number of participants. Please contact Bintang Jelajah and Sinai Adv directly
Yudi +6281280654777
Renti +6281282442265